Anyone who read the manga? I mean, there isn’t much of Piers in there yet but notice this:

Manga-Piers: Hah, killing monsters is so much fun, time really flies. Tralala, let’s all have dinner afterwards!

Game-Piers: Chris, don’t do that. Kamikaze sucks. Stop putting yourself at risk. No vendetta for you, captain. You drunken asshole. 

None of these are direct quotes, of course, but that’s simply the impression I got off of those two versions of Piers. I wonder how he’s at the beginning of the game… it seems that the Edonia mission affected him, as well - to the point that he’s actually gotten more serious and gloomy instead of cheerful and a bit naive like in the manga. Which is only natural, I guess.

Still want to see him smile though.

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